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Office Cubicles

A to Z Office Furniture has a variety of new and used office cubicles and workstations available that can be used for many office applications at affordable prices.

In the modern office building in which personal offices are becoming more scarce and open spaces are embraced, workstations and cubicles are becoming important pieces of office furniture.

Workstations and cubicles are large pieces of furniture that divvy up the office space and provide personal work areas to the employees. It is important that the cubicles and workstations provide adequate space to work while also contributing to the overall look and design of the office.

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Cubicle & Workstation Features and Manufacturers

The cubicles and workstations that we have in stock include Kimball workstations, various cubicles, telemarketing stations, reception stations, and several other workstation types.

Among our stock of cubicles and reception stations are neutral gray stations for reception and telemarketing uses as well as cherry wood reception stations that can work with about any office d├ęcor. The gray cubicles are available in several styles and layouts to suit different applications and office styles and we also carry cubicle walls of different colors.

Our Kimball workstations feature wooden desks and drawers with glass window panes incorporated into its walls. The Kimball workstations have a more formal appearance than the cubicles but each type can contribute to the comfort and efficiency of an office.

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A to Z Office Furniture carries a wide selection of affordably priced used cubicle office furniture. Call (630) 231-3970 for information or visit our showroom.

Shop New & Used Cubicles & Workstations

Offices that are in need of cubicles or workstations should browse through our selection of used cubicles or our online catalog to find an affordable option that suits their needs.

We have a showroom in West Chicago where many of our available items are on display.

In addition to providing cubicles and workstation, our staff can also assist with the installation and space planning of your new furniture.

We strive to be one of the top providers of office furniture in the Chicago area. Contact us for more information about our products.