Office Chairs

Office Chairs Chicago, IL

Office Chairs

Many office workers spend the majority of their day in their chair which makes it important for that office chair to deliver maximum comfort. Having a comfortable office chair can go a long way towards increasing focus and productivity but each person has their own unique preferences for comfort.

Task Chairs

The most common type of office chair is the task chair which is typically used at desks and workstations. These chairs are of a simple design that features casters and a swivel for excellent mobility and they may come with or without arm rests. Task chairs typically have several points of adjustment such as the seat, back, and arm rests if included and come in high back, mid back, and low back models. They are available in breathable mesh material or padded cloth which can come in many colors and styles.

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Executive Chairs

Executive office chairs have the same mobility features as task chairs (swivel and casters) but with much larger seats and backs for added comfort and the ability to recline. Our executive office chairs are available from the top manufacturers in a range of styles made from padded cloth and leather as well as breathable mesh. Many of our executive chairs have metal frames with some styles that feature a wooden frame and armrests. These chairs have more points of adjustment than typical task chairs which along with their bigger seats and backs make them the most comfortable office chair.

Guest Chairs

Guest chairs are put in waiting rooms or reception areas as well as in offices for clients or guests to use when visiting for a meeting. Most guest chairs are stationary and they come in a range of styles, some of which may incorporate armrests. Certain styles of guest chairs are also stackable for convenient storage. They are available with padded cloth or leather seats and backs in a range of colors as well as breathable mesh. Many of our guest chair styles have plastic frames and armrests and we do offer some guest chairs that feature wooden frames and armrests for a more sophisticated look.

Our selection of office chairs includes a variety of different styles of task chairs, executive chairs, guest chairs, and more available from the top manufacturers of the industry. Browse through our catalog for our new office chairs or check out or selection of used office furniture.